Tips For Planning A U.S West Coast Trip

America is the land of opportunity and that’s never truer than when it comes to travelling it. There’s so much to do and see that you’re really spoilt for choice. There’s the East Coast with the big, fun cities like New York, Boston and Philadelphia. You can head south to Florida for sun, parties and roller coasters. Of course, the West Coast of America is pretty irresistible. California is basically a country of its own, with so many big cities, then you have the Grand Canyon for some awe-inspiring nature and Las Vegas, the mecca of good times. Clearly, there are loads of choices on the table, so in this article we’re going to give you some tips for travelling the West Coast of America.

1. Plan the route around the flights

To start with, you need to know the place you’re arriving and where you’re leaving from. There’s no use planning a great trip just to find out you’ve got half a day to get from Las Vegas to San Francisco. Figure out where you can start and end your journey and the real planning can begin, with the choice between a circular route or a linear route.

2. Planning a circular route

This route is perfect if you’re flying home from the same place that you arrive. For example, you could start your trip from San Francisco then head to Las Vegas, making sure to pass through Yosemite and other magnificent national parks. On the route back, you can go to Los Angeles then head along the coast until you’re back in San Francisco.

3. Planning a linear route

If you want to plan a linear route, meaning flying home from a different city to the one you arrived in, then it gives you the chance to head to more distant areas of the West Coast. So you could arrive in San Francisco and head south towards the return flight from Phoenix, stopping by Los Angeles and some different parks on the way. You could also do a south-north route. This would mean arriving in Los Angeles and heading through Yellowstone National Park, flying back from Salt Lake City in Utah.

4. Consider the times

Once you know your route, you need to plan your activities accordingly. Some of the parks might close at 5pm, so it’s best to visit these in the morning. However, the Grand Canyon is an exception, as it’s somewhere best seen at sunset time. Remember sunset times changes depending on when you’ll be there, so check this or you’ll end up disappointed.

5. Don’t try to do too much

It can be tempting to try and see absolutely everything in the areas that you’ll be in, but the West Coast is a big place, and somewhere that more than one trip is definitely needed for. Do as much as you can, but leave something for next time!