Guide To Russia

Visiting the biggest country on earth might seem like a challenge, but Russia is a country full of surprises and the perceptions you have may change upon visiting. This guide to Russia is really a guide to Moscow and St Petersburg, as these are the two places easiest to reach and most worth seeing for Western tourists, but some of the advice here will stand you in good stead for trips to other parts of this vast country. Continue reading “Guide To Russia”

Guide To Prague

Planning a mental weekend away with your mate? After a romantic getaway with your other half? Treating your mum to a cultured European trip? Prague is the answer to all those questions. It’s a multipurpose city fit for travellers of all kinds. It’s fun, safe, and still quiet despite the endless stag and hen do’s that make their way there every year. So if you’ve got Prague down as your next destination, then read this guide that has you covered from start to finish. Continue reading “Guide To Prague”

7 Things To See In Rome

With a long and fascinating history, Rome is a city that attracts all kinds of travellers from all over the world. Magnificent monuments, fantastic food and delightful people are just some of the reasons why traveller flock to Rome, a city that truly rivals any other in Europe. Taking a walk through the city lets you conjure up images of gladiators fighting for their lives in the Coliseum and the great Roman philosophers discussing important matters. Rome is the third most visited city in Europe, making it likely that someone reading this is planning a trip there soon. So read on for what to see when in Rome. Continue reading “7 Things To See In Rome”

Tips For Planning A U.S West Coast Trip

America is the land of opportunity and that’s never truer than when it comes to travelling it. There’s so much to do and see that you’re really spoilt for choice. There’s the East Coast with the big, fun cities like New York, Boston and Philadelphia. You can head south to Florida for sun, parties and roller coasters. Of course, the West Coast of America is pretty irresistible. California is basically a country of its own, with so many big cities, then you have the Grand Canyon for some awe-inspiring nature and Las Vegas, the mecca of good times. Clearly, there are loads of choices on the table, so in this article we’re going to give you some tips for travelling the West Coast of America. Continue reading “Tips For Planning A U.S West Coast Trip”